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Easy Crochet Cardigans

Easy Crochet Cardigans

Crochet cardigan are a style statement which makes you completely exclusive from the rest. Though making it involves a lot of hard work. Intricate designs are available online for you to check.

The amount of handiwork which goes behind the making of such cardigans will depend upon the type that you want to stitch. In case of light winters, you would want a cardigan which is light and not heavily stitched.

The New Fashion Statement

Crochet cardigans may be made by the slip stitch or the double crochet stitch. The former will be more appropriate for light winters while the latter would suffice for chilly weather. You may want to use further intricate designs on it in case you are stitching female cardigans.

There are geometric patterns or floral patterns which you may want to go in for. Different colors may be used for each design segment of the cardigan. If the cardigans are for males, you may want to go in for single colored ones. Maroons, lime yellow, brick red are popular monotones except for the common black and white.

In case you want further details, you may want to go online and look up the different trends in cardigans and most importantly the colors which are trending for both female and male cardigans. The videos accompanying the crocheting process are extremely helpful and informative. They almost make the entire stitching process as easy as anything else. Crochet cardigan also make for lovely gifts for your family and loved ones.