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Easy Dotted Nail Art Designs

Easy Dotted Nail Art Designs

Polka dots on the nails look beautiful and classy. You can easily create dotted nail art designs yourself to suit your many moods and dresses. Is there a formal event coming up? Dotted nail art is the way to go if you like nail art. Do you have an invitation to a bright party? Why not try a beautiful dotted nail art design and add some rhinestones to create a cool 3D effect? There are so many different ways you can sparkle your nails with dotted color designs. This gallery at BeautyandU can introduce you to many different styles.

Different dotted nail art designs for summer

With dotted nail art you can achieve a summery, fruity and flowery look. Try a watermelon look with a dotted nail design in shades of red, black, and green. For a cooler look, you can use light base colors like sky blue, sea green, sand yellow, nude tones, etc. and then decorate with dotted nail art designs in complementary colors. Make beach theme dotted nail art and more with some inspiration and ideas from the gallery!

So how do you puncture nail art designs?

If you’re into DIY nail art, you probably already have a DIY nail art kit of dotting tools, brushes, applicators, etc. For those of you who aren’t enthusiastic about painting your nails, don’t fret if you don’t have one one more kit. There are so many things that you can use to create gorgeous dotted nail art designs. Without a puncturing tool, you can use:

  • Pointed end of a brush for bolder / bigger points
  • Bobby pins
  • Sharpened pencil
  • pen
  • Straight pins with heads of different sizes from the sewing set
  • Toothpicks for small dots
  • band Aid
  • matches

Basically, you can experiment with many different dotting tools that you can think of.

Get quirky with some of the amazing dotted nail art designs you can find in this gallery!