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Edgy Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

Edgy Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

The origin of tribal tattoos can be traced back more than 500 decades ago. They were engraved on the body as a sign of fertility. It was believed that a young woman who could endure the pain of a tattoo was able to go through the painful process of childbirth. This made her worthy in the tribe and was considered a suitable virgin. In modern times, the African tribal tattoos and the various other tattoo designs are used as symbols of style and fashion. Popular tribal tattoo designs for women include small bird tattoos, anchor tattoos, tattoos, etc. Explore our unique assortment of designs including tribal tattoos on forearm, neck, sleeve, neck, back, etc.

Tribal tattoo meaning

There could be many reasons why the African tribes had tattoos on their bodies. It is known that these tattoos signify status or rank in the tribe and even spiritual devotion. Other reasons for using tribal tattoos are the symbolism of boldness, expression, valor, affection, courage, or fertility. These drafts were even used as punishment to identify convicts and slaves. Not only that, the tribes used them as a symbol of family protection.

Precautions Before Tattooing

  • Never try to get a tattoo on your skin by yourself.
  • Before hiring a tattoo artist, make sure they are licensed and experienced.
  • Make sure the place where you get the tattoo inked is lightning fast.
  • Check that the tattoo artist maintains proper hygiene to avoid contamination of your tattoo wound.
  • Make sure the tattoo artist uses disposable protective latex gloves. Make sure in advance that the containers, needles, dishes, pigments or tubes are unpacked in front of your eyes. Make sure these items are shipped in sealed packages to avoid the risk of cross contamination.
  • You should even make sure that the ink used for the tattoo on your body is approved, otherwise it can cause allergic reactions.

From our fantastic collection of tribal tattoo designs, choose one that suits your personality, style and preferences.