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Exclusive Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Exclusive Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Men and women are very conscious of hair styling these days. The way you look directly affects your personality and overall attractiveness. Whether you opt for straight hair or a curly haircut, hair styling is an easy decision. However, choosing an ideal hair color can be a daunting task. The burgundy hair color is a reddish brown shade that can be associated with the color of the wine, which comes from the French region of Burgundy. Just like balayage hair, the burgundy hair color is also a rage these days. The most popular options are burgundy hair, burgundy ombre hair, and mahogany hair color.

Different types of burgundy colors

  • Cabernet: It has a deep and slightly reddish appearance than Burgundy.
  • Merlot:This is a little lighter and a little reddish than Burgundy.
  • Craneberry: It’s slightly pink than burgundy.
  • Cordovan:This is a bit brownish than Burgundy.
  • Maroon: This is a red chestnut shade.
  • Red wine:It has a reddish tinge with a faint hint of brown.

The choice of hair color in burgundy depends on several factors

  • Your skin tone can help you choose a burgundy shade. While cooler burgundy colors with purple and red hues go well with people with olive, pink, or ebony skin tones.
  • On the other hand, people with peach or golden skin tones have to go for the burgundy color with a brown hue.
  • If you like a certain shade of burgundy, take the photo with you to the salon. This is because there was a lot of hard work behind mixing the burgundy color to get the right shade. Having a reference image available can help you achieve the look you want.
  • Burgundy hair is the best hair color for dark skin. It looks great especially on bob hairstyles.