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Exotic Grape Tattoo Ideas

Exotic Grape Tattoo Ideas

It is not very common to see grape tattoos. Hardly do you see tattoo enthusiasts coming up with innovations in grapevine. These tattoos are rare yet classic. Grapes have been found in references from art, literature, history and myths in many cultures around the world. Grapes are also a symbol of fertility and femininity. Choose beautiful women grape tattoo ideas here. We bring a wonderful gallery with interesting ideas for grape tattoos for the back, wrist, ankle, foot, thigh and other body parts.

Grape tattoos meaning

Greek and Roman gods wore crowns of grapevines and held cups full of wine. Grapevines and grapes are considered a celebration of life and the abundance of nature.

Grapevines and other vines generally grow ad libitum – the plants have their own direction and grow gracefully. A popular and beloved symbol of rebirth, grapevines are like the phoenix of the plant kingdom – tiny new grape stalks with leaves sprouting from gnarled branches for new beginnings.

Grape tattoo ideas are popular with women and for good reason, grape tattoos symbolize abundance, freedom and rebirth. The vines are rich in leaves and grapes and grow vigorously. In art, you may have come across images of abundance. Grapes and other foods, as well as overflowing wine, are common in such images.

The best placement for grape tattoos

In addition to the beautiful nature of the grapevines, tattoo lovers and tattoo artists will find a lot of joy and freedom in designing grape tattoos. In terms of grape tattoo placement, you can wear a grape tattoo almost anywhere on your body and it would look gorgeous. Men and women wrist grape tattoos, ankle grapevine tattoos, neck and shoulder grape tattoos for women, full leg grape tattoos, tiny outer ear and finger grape tattoos, etc. are all beautiful ideas.