Wednesday , August 17 2022
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Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips

The face mask is essential to exercise in the ongoing pandemic. It should be used as an everyday thing as it will be needed for a while. And if we stick to this, we’ll need to change some of our going out habits as well, including wearing makeup. It may seem impossible to get your makeup done with a practice like this that hides most of your face but is quite achievable.

So come on below and we’ll give you some tried and true tips on how to best wear your eyes in the current situation:

Go brave

There is no other look in the world that can top off the smoky and messy look of eye makeup. Smokey eyes almost always work for any event. And with your face mask, it will get more attention than ever. You can now use your eyeshadow stick to do this, the stain of which will spread all over your eyes as you apply it.

You can put a good swab of it on your eyes and distribute it well. The color for a smoky eye doesn’t always have to be black or dark. You can use a light color other than pink and spread it all over the eye. She doesn’t look strange with the face mask, just elegant.

Combine makeup with the mask

Surgical masks are an old story. Nowadays, people coordinate masks with the color of their clothes and accessories. You can use your eye makeup to create coordination with the mask and make it look better on your face. The similarity can help you create a party-perfect look. Conversely, with a completely different but contrasting color than the face mask, you can achieve a strong and different look than the norm. For example, a red eye shadow can be paired with a black mask.

Use sturdy products

A face mask that covers much of your face so it can be difficult to achieve a beautiful makeup look. When the mask moves, the makeup around the eyes and cheeks can be messed up. The foundation, blush, and bronzer can mix if the products are lightly applied or creamy.

You can apply a strong moisturizer for dry skin to keep makeup in place, or keep it dry if the skin is oily. Use sturdy products that won’t melt or move when you move the face mask. Use more products around the eyes where the mask ends so that it stays.

Switch to a stronger eyelining technique

When only the eye part of the face is visible, it becomes the only part of the face that can be touched. And when the eyes are touched, the eyeliner is the part that is destroyed the most. It can really damage the once-felt look, especially if a pencil was used to apply it.

For this reason, use an angled brush to build up the makeup line around the eyes. This can give the masked face a striking look and a dramatic touch, and it will last for a long time even after being rubbed with your hands. No shadow is needed either, as the winged brush creates a look for the whole eye.

Bring in some art

Why lag behind the trends when you have the creativity to turn your face into a beautiful canvas? People use creative skills to beautify the skin as most of them illustrate their work on their social profiles. Much of this work is commendable and looks great on the surface. So if you have the creative skills, you can climb on the boat and create an intriguing artistic look that will match your face mask and make your eyes look glamorous. Even if you don’t have the skills, you can always take a superior makeup artist course and follow the trend of sticking.

Strongly whip

Do not allow the face mask to lose focus on your eyes or enlarge your eyelashes. Eyelashes are the face of the eyes as they get the most attention. If you’ve ever put your voluminous lashes away, it’s time to wear them and flaunt your eyes. And they support a minimalist look for the eyes like nothing else.