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Fabrics made out of Entrelac Crochet

Fabrics made out of Entrelac Crochet

The crocheted fabric and accessories are most adorned clothing, decorative and other stitching accessories material all over the world. Since, it has no age and sex restriction to use these crocheted fabrics and accessories. However, they are also preferred for its handmade qualities. It is available in the market now also which was a traditional handicraft.

Still this knitting tradition is maintained by the womanhood. They are best suit as geometric shape of the diamond shape like designs in a fabric. The black and white combination of diamond also resembles a chess board look like designs on clothes and accessories.

Love for Geometric Designs

The Entrelac crochet fabric and accessories are mostly preferred by those who like the geometric designs. Since, the Entrelac is a pattern of style in crocheting. The result is a diamond pattern of style. This pattern is knitted for various clothing fabrics and for home décor accessories.

Since these diamond shape designs do look like a square, chess board shape, triangular and diamond shape in an optical illusion effect. Few interior designers also chose an Entrelac pattern if their clients prefer for it. Here, the entire furniture cover, floor surface cover, curtains and even the pillow covers are designed to it for a perfect match.

Clothing Fabric Accessories

The Entrelac crochet is best suit for clothing accessories. There are many hands knit hat available in this pattern. There are also kids and women’s were knitted with Entrelac pattern. They look great with these designs with various color combination. This is also an extra fitting stuff in many of the woman cloth accessories, including the bridal dress.