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Fair Isle knitting patterns – Easy to do

Fair Isle knitting patterns – Easy to do

The Fair Isle knitting patterns are in vogue for over 60 years now. Interestingly these patterns do attract a lot of buyers. Fair Isle knitting patterns are also known as stranded knitting since it is a technique in which yarns of two or colors are used in the same row. It is easy to carry the yarn to the back as the colors are closely woven by simply leaving a strand of yarn.

Easy to do

Fair Isle knitting patterns can be simply done. The good thing is that this pattern helps the fabric appear nicely. All the floats add to its looks and make it look bulky and warm. Generally you hide the backside of the pattern. Yet it is a simple and great technique for small color work on sweaters, bags and socks.

You can find a lot of sweaters, bags and other things made with Fair Isle knitting patterns in shops. They are always in fashion and so in demand. You may have seen Fair Isle knitting patterns mostly in the round circles.

And the round patterns are easier than the flat ones. If you face any difficulty you can probably follow a tutorial that has all the instructions. Using the tutorial, you can learn to weave Fair Isle knitting patterns. Since it is a standard knitting process, you will not face problems in learning it. In the beginning you can weave simple patterns while as your experience grows, you can weave complex ones as well.