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Fall-Winter Blazer Outfits and Styling

Fall-Winter Blazer Outfits and Styling Ideas

Winter layers are critical to protecting yourself from cold snowy weather. However, we know that you don’t want to compromise on style while adding layers to your winter outfits. Do not worry! We have a wonderful assortment of winter blazer outfits that are not only attractive but also enviable cozy. You can pair a dark shade blazer with a white shirt, or wear a blazer work suit with a t-shirt inside or a turtleneck to look gorgeous.

Choose the right blazer outfit style based on your preference

Before adding a blazer to your winter wardrobe, it is important to understand the different types of blazers to choose from.

  • Boyfriend Blazer: These are made of synthetic material to keep you warm and create a cool and casual look. They are the perfect choice to flatter your figure. You can wear them either short or long. Combine the boyfriend blazer with another long coat for a trendy look.
  • Top Blazer: This is the answer to your lack of summer mood. It is made of lace fabric and is very comfortable. Wear a white lace blazer with a black pencil skirt to become a fashion goddess.
  • Waterfall Blazer: This feels smooth and silky. The curvy design appears to flow like a waterfall. The highlight prints emphasize a contemporary look. Spice it up with a white t-shirt and pants, and put on pearl jewelry.
  • Leather blazer: They are warm, durable and brave. You can pair them with jeans or lederhosen and high winter boots for a glamorous and confident look.
  • Peplum Blazer: This comes in different colors, designs, and fabric. The hanging flounce and the slight gathering of the waist give it the ultimate, bold look. Wear a gray buttoned skirt with a black peplum blazer and try on special winter makeup to bring out the party look.
  • Blazer Dress: Blazer dresses are every fashionista’s dream. These dresses are usually high above the knees. Popular variations include one-shoulder pattern, velvet, wrap-around blazer, etc. Dress up this two-in-one fashion marvel with a collar for a glamorous party look.

Wear these awesome blazer outfits this winter for a dazzling style. You can find more ideas and collections in the gallery below.