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Family Tattoo Ideas

Family Tattoo Ideas

What can be a better way to show love for your family than etching a family tattoo on your body? Here you can find interesting ideas for family tattoos. One of the most common family tattoo designs is having the family’s last name emblazoned on the body. The placement of the family tattoos should be based on a person’s preferences. For women, the best place to place the family tattoo is ankle, collarbone, neck, shoulder and wrist. Check out the great collection of meaningful family tattoos here.

What is a good tattoo for the family?

Matching family tattoo means that the family members have a contrasting or the same tattoo in one place. The matching tattoo means that there is a bond between the family members who share a tattoo. For a matching tattoo, you can choose a general symbol that means family. You could even have an emoticon or the same quote as the matching tattoo. Trees, message hearts, cartoon versions of the family, or half tattoos are common examples of matching tattoos. The half tattoos are usually placed on the arm or finger.

Family tattoo ideas for women

  • Nice quotes on the shoulder: One of the best areas of the body for women to flaunt their tattoos is on the shoulder. Heartwarming family messages or quotes can be tattooed on the shoulders of women.
  • Heart design on the finger: One creative tattoo design for women could be the word “family” along with the heart design that is tattooed on the finger.
  • Bird tattoo on the ankle: Another cute family tattoo design could be a couple of birds tattooed on their ankles.
  • Elephant Family Tattoo Design on Forearm: Apply an adorable tattoo design of the “elephant family” on the girls’ forearm.
  • Family quotes on the wrist: Girls can flaunt interesting family quotes on their wrist.

Show the love for your family by having the right family tattoo imprinted on the body. Check out our collection of tattoo ideas for families here and pick one to suit your taste. Discover heartwarming sister tattoo ideas here.