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Few Crochet Flower Patterns You Should Know

Few Crochet Flower Patterns You Should Know

Flowers have always been the most demanded product when it comes to home décor. People use flowers to decorate their homes in some way or the other. Some use fresh flowers everyday and keep it their flower pot, whereas some use artificial flowers. Although, if take it in a different way, then there are certain people who like to keep flower paintings in their homes or use different flower patterns among their bed sheets, blankets, covers etc.

There are many forms in which you can use flower patterns. Out of them all the most popularly used form is crochet flower patterns. People use these designs in making clothes, accessories, Caps, Tiara, Blankets, Decorative pieces and in many more ways.

Most popular crochet flower patterns are,

Five Petal Crochet Flower:

As if we know, we can make as many petals as we wish. But the most popular and easy to make crochet flower is a five petal crochet flower. A small five petal flower can make a lovely hair clip or an awesome earring.

Blossomed Crochet Flower:

To make this flower, you need to focus that the petals should be made little upwards. Also, you should make these petals in crossed form. This blossomed crochet flower can be used to make hats or caps look more gorgeous.

Crochet Roses: Roses, an all time favorite flower! When a single purchased rose can make your loved ones day amazing then just think what affect a rose made with your hand would have on your loved ones.