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Few info on head wraps

Few info on head wraps

Head wraps have recently come into fashion and now are being worn by women in large numbers to look stylish and fabulous.

Head wraps not only protect your hair or are an easy alternate to styling your hair when you just don’t feel like it but you can actually use them to make yourself look fashionable.

They come in every color and various different patterns. You can choose plain colors for a more elegant look or use patterned shiny and bright colors for a chic and modern style. They have also become a part of the street style and have been worn and are being worn by many celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

Head wraps go with every length hair whether it’s medium, short or long.

You can wear head wraps in a variety of ways

  • Wear them to completely cover you hair in a more scarf like style it not only protects your hair but also makes you look modest.
  • You can use head wraps to tie them into bows around your head. You can make large or small bows. They look funky and boho.
  • They can be an alternate to your head bands.
  • You can wrap them around a bun or use them instead of a hair band. They will make your pony tail look more stylish than it looks with usual hair bands.
  • They can be used as a forehead wrap.
  • Head wraps can be tied up like bandanas.
  • You can tie them in twists for a very stylish look.