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Fresh Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Fresh Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

The popular Halloween festival is countless days away! What if you haven’t finished with your Halloween costumes? Stand out from the crowd with pretty Halloween makeup for this season. Many people choose pun clothes, funny costumes, or downright creepy and bloody makeup for the Halloween costume parties. But it is not necessary to always choose a scary look. If this year you choose to look different with makeup that will make you look glamorous, why not? Here you will find creative Halloween makeup ideas that will noticeably enchant your look and help you steal the show at your scary Halloween party.

Pretty Halloween makeup Ideas that will make you the show stopper of the party

  • Filtered butterfly look: For this cute, bubbly look, use a fully opaque foundation and gold-colored blush. For a dazzling glow, choose a highlighter that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone.
  • Alien Princess: Wear this glamorous ‘Alien Princess’ look with blue, teal, pink and purple eye shadows. Use a silver shimmer eyeliner to complete your smokey eye makeup. Complete your face makeup with glitter and adorn your fingers with a beautiful Halloween nail design.
  • Adorable stag: Flaunt a cute deer look with loud eye makeup, white spots and a colored nose this Halloween. Style your hair into cute fake ears and you are done.
  • Charming mermaid: Look like a star of the party in this stylish mermaid look. All you would need would be fish stockings and lots of eye shadow. Use blue and green eyeshadow to create the underwater effect.

Easy Halloween makeup that will make you look beautiful in no time

  • Mysterious girl: Sport the black masquerade look by painting a black mask with black liner and eyeshadow around your eyes.
  • Mime look: To get this look, start by creating smoky eyes and applying red lipstick. Next, apply a white primer and a dash of red. Complete your look by drawing exaggerated eyebrows and adding accents around the eyes with a liquid black eyeliner.

Try these pretty Halloween makeup ideas this season and you won’t be disappointed. Let us know if any of these makeup ideas inspire you and get a new look. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you like these ideas or if you’re looking for inspiration.