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Glam Fall Nail Art Ideas

Glam Fall Nail Art Ideas

Autumn is the time of festivals and dark tones. For those who have been waiting eagerly for this season, it’s time to upgrade the wardrobe with fall outfits. Also, get ready with fashion accessories and flashy fall nails to make a bold style statement this fall season. Fall is the time of year when trees shed their leaves and maple leaves take on beautiful hues of maroon, red, and orange. This is a fun time of year when you can wear a range of outfits and pair them with the right fashion accessories like bags, jewelry, duck dapper boots, etc. Here are some great fall nail art ideas that you might find interesting for trying out this fall season.

Striking fall nail ideas to consider

  • Beautiful black marble: You can try this elegant nail art design with gray, black, gold and white nail polish. This nail art design is great for any formal fall event. Complete your look with a sterling silver pendant and earrings, a shift dress, boots and a chic Michael Kors watch.
  • Elegant rose gold chrome: Create this brilliant effect on your nails with silvery mirror powder. Use an orange nail polish under the powder for the rose gold effect.
  • Brilliant cherry: Autumn is the season of cheerful tones like purple, maroon, orange or red. So it’s time to switch from the sober pastel shades of summer to the vivid tones of cherry red, lavender or burgundy. Showcase this mesmerizing dark cherry red design this fall.
  • Breathtaking embellished medley: To achieve this great nail art, choose a few fall leaf shades like red, maroon, orange, and yellow and paint your nails with these colors. Complete the nail design by embellishing your nails with sparkling stones.

More innovative nail art for this fall 2017-2018

  • Autumn spring: For this innovative nail art, you will need gray and black nail polish and feathers.
  • Single strips: Show off this elegant nail design by painting your nails with white nail polish and then drawing a single line on one of the nails with a striking color of beige, maroon, or cherry red.
  • Artistic autumn leaves: For this eye-catching nail art, choose a fall color like maroon to paint your nails. Next, draw leaves on your nails with a gray, white, or yellow shade.