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Go crazy with personalized

Go crazy with personalized bags

With the growing market for companies like Presto and PrintVenue, personalized gifts have become the latest trend. Breaking the clichéd gifting methods, personalized gifts both rekindle emotional connections and make you stand out of the crowd. Out of several options, personalized bags are the most sort after. Personalized bags are usually either made of leather or swayed and they come in all sizes with all the different varieties for normal bags. The only difference is that it adds to a personal picture of the one gifting and the one being gifted.

Most of the personalized bags have the picture entirely printed on the skin of the bags. There are also options available to make slots for changing the picture when needed. It becomes more like a photo frame. Making bags personalized doesn’t compromise on the basic features which a bag offers. The number of chains, handles, side handle, all remains the same with a personal touch added. Personalized bags are great gift items for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, wedding gifts, etc.  Personalized bags are in simpler terms, the better way of showing off your relationship while carrying a nice handy bag.

However, as with all other things, personalized bags do have certain drawbacks. Since printing requires high-end technology work, the same would cost you much less when it isn’t given e personalized look. Hence, to make it cheap the retailers usually compromise on quality the bag being handed to the customer. Instead of leather, you get plastic, mainly because plastic can hold the personal images and give a high quality finish to them and because it is cheaper to the maker. This reduces the customer satisfaction as no one wants a personalized plastic bag. It doesn’t fit in when you go to prestigious parties and you can’t gift a plastic bag to someone in their wedding. Also, most of these bags are not suitable for rough use. The ink gets faint and even one scratch can damage the look of your personalized bag very badly.

Hence, even though personalized bags are a great fit for casual using in working places, they just don’t fit into the high profile societies, unless you pay a hefty price for it. Also, it’s very delicate and high maintenance stuff. Let’s hope that the latest technology can come up with solutions to such problems so that we can proudly show off our personalized bags without becoming a fish out of the water.