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Guide to choose the pink leggings

Guide to choose the pink leggings

Leggings are garments that are skin tight and covers the entire leg. Typically a legging is worn by women beneath a long dress typically called a ‘Kurti’. However, a legging can also be worn by men beneath a kurta. Pink leggings are typically worn by women with a contrasting colored upper dress.

For choosing a correct legging one must look into the material type. Choose your pink leggings that are comfortable for you to wear. You can select the leggings in material of Lycra, Nyclon, cotton, etc. Your pink leggings could be ankle length or it could be worn till the full feet encased type. The pink leggings could be matched up with an equally interesting green or lemon green colored upper wear which would bring out the brightly colored legging to its full potential. One could choose to wear an ankle length pink legging with some short upper wear.

 This would be an interesting combination and would give you that classy look. These leggings are worn not only to make a style statement but also for protecting the legs during exercises, since it gives you additional flexibility, you can easily carry them to your exercising place and wear it to be comfortable. These days men have started wearing them to do exercises since it makes you comfortable to work. These days, apart from legging a modified version of the same has cropped up called jeggings and these jeggings are combination of jeans and leggings which comes with a zip. So go get the pink leggings for your comfort.