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Haircuts For Long Hair

Haircuts For Long Hair

Haircuts for long hair not only soften your facial features, but are also some of the easiest to style. Here we’ve rounded up some brilliant haircuts for long hair so you can get some inspiration. Our huge list of hairstyles is specially compiled for our beauties who want to keep them for a long time. The haircuts are easy to maintain and go a long way in giving you a fresh look.

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Haircuts for long straight, curly and wavy hair

The layered locks are hands down the prettiest haircuts for long hair that can keep their length even if you’ve played with the texture or the look. Layered long hair can add volume to your long locks and work on all types of faces. The Big on Bangs hairstyle can be paired with long locks and is one of those versatile haircuts that can make any hairstyle interesting. Make your choice from the baby bangs, parting, curtain or wipe hairstyles and give your haircuts a certain edge.

Multiple layers at the bottom of your locks are a clever way to achieve the Subtle Layers hairstyle. Pairing them with highlights in ombre or a lighter shade can make this hairstyle more flattering.

Popular haircuts for long hair

  • The thick layers above and the narrower finer layers below are an amazing haircut for women with flat hair and are best for women with an elongated and oval shape.
  • Instead of adding layers to all of your hair, a U-cut can give it a clearer frame and make your hair look swoopy and long.
  • Using haircuts for long hair with layers and bangs can add a bouncy look to your curls and make them look appealing when paired with fuller ponytails or messy braids.

The haircuts for long hair are well worth trying out if you want to change your look without spending a bombshell. Have fun scrolling the gallery for better haircut ideas for the long mane.