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Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas

Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas

Trying to figure out what your next Halloween costume might be? Try these crazy Halloween cat makeup ideas this season to complete your look. Halloween is a festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the United States and now in many other parts of the world. People choose fun, scary, and innovative Halloween costumes to stand out at the costume parties. From mermaids, burgers, vampires to cats and Dracula outfits, people choose the weirdest costumes for the dress up parties. If you admire the cats why not dress up like one this Halloween? Check out the cat makeup ideas here to show off the look of a wild cat.

Insane Halloween cat makeup ideas that would help you stand out

  • Beautiful cat look: For this dramatic look, use a pink, tan, tan, or black eyeshadow and dress the bottom and top of your eyelids with black gel. Also use the black gel liner to draw the wings. Draw tiny U and C over the eyebrows. These leopard spots will make you look adorable. Complete your cat look by drawing whiskers and applying a two-tone lipstick with red and black colors.
  • Crazy Kitty Look: You can achieve this look by dipping the inner corner of your eye much deeper than the outer corner of your eye. Wear a reddish tinted forehead shadow and false eyelashes. Wear a two-tone lipstick and complete your cat look by drawing whiskers with black gel.

Simple cat makeup that you can do at the last minute

  • Chic Cat Look: Complete this feline look by drawing whiskers and applying a dash of gold eyeshadow, and you’re ready for the party.
  • Charming catwoman look: Apply the stylish scarlet lipstick to add pizzazz to your cat look.
  • Adorable Pink Kitty Look: Wear a cute kitty look with pretty peach lipstick, silver highlighter, and a border of pink paint on the outer edge of your nostrils. Complete your Halloween makeup by drawing black whiskers.

Try this crazy Halloween cat makeup and be the sorceress of the party. In case that’s not enough, try some amazing Halloween earrings.