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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Can’t make up your mind what to wear during this Halloween party? We can help you with some innovative DIY Halloween costume ideas. You can make a Halloween costume yourself with the help of t-shirts, makeup, cardboard, fabric, rubber bands, and other easily store-bought materials. Check out our picture gallery for fun Halloween costume ideas. From crossword puzzles to ceiling fans to popular characters like Beyonce or Sia, you can dress up as the showstoppers of the party. Discover perfect Halloween costume ideas here.

Amazing last minute Halloween costumes well worth trying

  • Bath bubble: Hold a few white balloons together with a safety pin on your white t-shirt. Complete your clothes with a vibrant shower cap.
  • Scary Mom: You can easily dress up like a mummy with toilet paper. A rubber snake would give your Halloween costume the creepy look you want.
  • Adorable skeleton: With the help of a cut out shirt, a paper heart and bloody makeup, you can turn into a skeleton.
  • Paper doll: Making a doll’s costume out of paper is no big deal. All you need for this 2-D design costume is posters, markers and scissors.
  • Funky Bat: Go crazy with an all black dress this Halloween season. Complete your look with a black headband and some elastic and fabric for your wings.

Funny DIY Halloween costume ideas

  • Sia: Put on a white and black ensemble and complete your look with a two-tone wig.
  • Loofah: Have you ever thought of dressing up like a loofah? All you would need is lots and lots of tulle for an attention grabbing loofah costume. Complete this fun Halloween costume with a rubber duck hat and a string of pearls.