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Halloween Costumes For  Teachers

Halloween Costumes For Teachers

What’s the best way to prepare for Halloween? It’s fun to dress up with friends and colleagues. Check out some eye-catching Halloween costumes for teachers here. You can dress up like french fries, soda cans, all the way to animated or fictional characters like Ghost Busters, Cruella Devil and the Dalmatians. Check out great Halloween costume ideas for teachers, including group costumes for teachers.

Unique Halloween costumes for teachers

  • French fries and soda: Who doesn’t like the combination of french fries and soda? Having french fries without soda doesn’t feel right as they make a perfect combination. Hence, it is a good idea to wear this costume with your favorite teacher this Halloween season.
  • Three blind mice: How about comfortable and clever clothes for the 3 blind mice?
  • Rainbow fish: Shiny scales that are glued or sewn onto the apron can completely transform clothing into the “rainbow fish”.

DIY Halloween costumes for the elementary school teachers

  • Jellyfish: A pretty creative and easy to make Halloween costume for the elementary school teacher would be the jellyfish. You can either use a bright wide brimmed umbrella or hat, or use spray paint to get the perfect color. Complete the clothing with bubble wrap and plastic wrap hot glue strips, ribbon, etc.
  • Thing one and thing two: Play the role of Dr. Suess in building a partnership with your colleague. Print out ‘Thing One and the Thing Two circles’ and transfer them onto the paper to iron onto the long sleeves of the red shirts. Complement the clothing with slippers, gloves and red pants. Pull in the entire costume along with a blue wig.