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Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

Nod to the Halloween festival by upgrading your Halloween nail art design. Discover creepy DIY Halloween manicure patterns. Choose from the stylish yet simple Halloween nail art ideas or sophisticated ones to look Halloween ready. Pick any nail design from our round-up, from spider webs to creepy characters and evil eyes to scarecrows. From skeletons and 3D designs to spider webs and artificial claws, there are a number of crazy designs you can create to celebrate the spooky Halloween festival. You can even play your nail mani by painting upbeat animals on it with the help of gel. Check out some exciting Halloween nail art ideas here.

Insane Halloween Nail Art Ideas

  • Smoky nails: Take your nail mani to the next level this Halloween season with a scary mirror and smoke effect.
  • Green with envy: Not only your face makeup but your nail art should scream green this festival too. Rock your green green creepy nails in style this Halloween.
  • Pretty pumpkin: Have a pumpkin painted on one of your nails and cover the rest with orange shimmer polish.
  • Spider web: Add the dimension of your mani by creating an amazing spider web with black polish and stripe ribbon.

Whimsical nail art well worth trying

  • Roaming eyeballs: Create a chic mani with light blue irises and cover the rest of the nails with splashes of red.
  • Bleeding French Tips: Get all of your nails painted with a ‘UV base polish’ to keep them glowing at night. Cover the tips with blood red nail polish.
  • Skull candy: Skull candy is popular for the dead during the Mexican celebration. The colorful creepy motifs are also suitable for Halloween.
  • Faux Talons: You can avoid filing your nails in sharp places by playing with color. Use a bare base and paint a black triangle over each of them.