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Harry Potter Halloween Costume  Ideas

Harry Potter Halloween Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Halloween costume ideas owe their enthusiasm and popularity to all of the Muggle heads and non-Muggle head adults out there. We’ve put together all of the nostalgically laced Harry Potter costumes for men and women, which consist of a DIY Quidditch robe, wand, scarves, and more. Help bring some magic into the air of Halloween with our collection of ideas on Harry Potter costumes.

Harry Potter costume ideas last minute

The iconic red and yellow scarf is an easy way to transform yourself into Harry Potter. Adding a golden snitch, wand, and round-framed glass can complete the look like a pro. For women who dream of transforming themselves into our favorite Hermione, put on a blue pleated skirt and pair it with a white collar shirt and a semi-gray sweater for one of the popular Harry Potter female costume characters. If you’re determined to create a spooky mood this Halloween, you can recreate the look of Peter Pettigrew with a store-bought gray mouse tail.

Homage to one of the most annoying characters in the series – Lavendar Brown with a pastel-colored headscarf and curls. Just collect a traditional Hogwart robe to take off the legendary Harry Potter adult dress up ideas.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume Ideas Create new

  • Adding in store-bought Gold Angel Wings makes it easy to go for a Harry Potter dress like a golden snitch and get your Instagram followers started.
  • If you’re looking for a simple group costume for Harry Potter costumes, consider Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum with an added wizarding flair.
  • To transform yourself into Voldemort’s trusted ally, you are just a purple cardigan and headpiece away.

For Potterheads, Harry Potter’s Halloween costume ideas are one of the best reasons to dress up and pay tribute to their legendary favorites. For more Harry Potter Halloween costume options, please see the gallery below.