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Henna Mehndi Designs and Tattoos

Henna Mehndi Designs and Tattoos

Mehndi is the traditional method of applying the henna paste to the skin in intricate patterns and designs. Flowers, leaves, stems, curved lines, simple shapes and dots are characteristic of traditional henna designs. Henna art, which used to be widespread only in Asian countries, is not a popular trend in the West. People are in love with henna tattoos and like to experiment with henna mehndi designs on the wrist, palm, fingers, thighs, back, neck, sleeves, wrist and much more. Henna tattoos are temporary and wear bold, delicate shades of orange to dark maroon. Classic henna mehndi designs include elaborate mandalas, full arm henna tattoos, foot mehndi designs, etc.

How to Take Care of Henna Mehndi Designs?

There is really no difference between the terms henna designs and henna tattoos. Henna tattoos last up to 2-4 weeks if cared for. Let us tell you how to have a richer and longer lasting henna tattoo. The trick is to avoid washing your tattoo for the first two to three days after applying the mehndi. Additionally, while henna designs mehndi dry, it’s best to prolong this process by spraying lemon and sugar syrup. The acid in the lemon will help the henna release a darker color, and the sugar will create a thick layer of the henna paste to keep it moist longer.

Modern henna mehndi designs and tattoos

With modern henna tattoos, you can go for any design you want. Find these beautiful henna tattoo designs and more in our gallery for mehndi ideas:

  • Dreamcatcher Henna Tattoo
  • Mehndi mandalas
  • Henna designs for the back
  • Simple and cute henna floral designs
  • Bride Mehndi
  • Peacock henna design
  • Lotus on ruby ​​tattoo

With inspiration from these henna mehndi designs and tattoos, you can try DIY henna art. Mix sifted henna powder with lemon juice, heavily brewed black tea, sugar, and a few drops of essential oil / vegetable oil until the consistency of the paste is slightly more runny than toothpaste. Apply with an applicator!