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High attitude with nude high

High attitude with nude high heels

The nude high heels are the kind of footwear in which foot part is in little height in compare to the toe. Started using from ancient times and till now it is an ongoing trend. The high heels start from one inch till five to eight inches but commonly people don’t prefer more than 3 inches and it is not recommended also. Usually, models and people in fashion industry also prefer nude high heels i.e., more than 3 inches that too for modeling and profession work only.

High heels make high attitude. By wearing it, it builds a confidence by making to look taller than the real height and changes the walking posture. Some use in their day-to-day life while going for office and business related work. in some of the dance styles also they prefer wearing high heels like salsa dance. Nude High heels are of different types depending upon the shapes i.e., cone, kitten, prism, puppy, spool, stiletto, wedges, Viennese.

High heels are made of both soft and hard soul. They are made of different materials like leather, wood, glass (glass very expensive, sensitive and risky). Nude high heels cannot be used on soft and lightweight platforms because of the pointed tips of the heels. people having a low backache,  cervical spondylitis, sciatica basically are not recommended to prefer high heels.

and usually, doctors recommend not to use high heels on a daily basis as it can create any problems to their legs, back and spinal cord like foot and toe pain. We can pair it with trouser pants, shirt and blazer with it for a formal look, recommend for an office look. For a casual look and for weekends we can pair it with the dress, jeans, and tops, skirts, palazzo. High heels give the illusion of longer and slender legs.