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Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming Dresses

The homecoming dance is the main event in a teenager’s life. Hence, it is pretty obvious that you are concerned about which homecoming dress to wear for the occasion. You might be confused about whether to wear a sleeveless one shoulder dress or an evening dress with long sleeves. You may even be wondering how long your dress should be. Check out our styling tips to find out which color and fit is good for the occasion. Find out if you should go for a white and black ensemble or cheerful shades. It is a good idea to go for a simple two-piece homecoming dress for the occasion.

How do I choose the homecoming dresses?

  • The cut and length of the dress are important: Full length dresses are not advisable for homecoming dance evenings. Therefore it is advisable to opt for the “knee-length dresses”. Choose cuts that are comfortable, allow easy movement when you dance, and don’t look cheap. For such an occasion, ruffles or tulle skirts are ideal as they fit well and look sleek.
  • Select the appropriate pattern, color and fabric: The homecoming takes place at the end of October or September, the fall season. So instead of the upbeat shimmer tones choose the metallic dark tones, the white and earthy tones of autumn. Brocade dresses are an ideal choice for their youthful appeal.

How do I choose the perfect color for your homecoming dress?

Finding the perfect homecoming dress can be a daunting task. However, you can choose the most suitable clothing for the event based on the undertone of skin and hair color.

  • Hair color: Blondes can opt for bold colors like orange, red, emerald, peacock or coral or earth tones like taupe or tan. Redheads would look fabulous in sapphire, mocha, ivory, or emerald. Brunettes can choose bright colors like brown, pink, blue, or green. Pair it with an awesome messy updo to complete your look.
  • Skin undertone: You can choose your homecoming dress color based on your skin undertone. If it’s blue, pink, rosy, or reddish purple, choose gold, peach, bright red, or coral.

With a good knowledge of how to choose your homecoming dress for the occasion, you can choose the most suitable attire and look like a fashion diva.