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Ideal crochet slipper patterns for you

Ideal crochet slipper patterns for you

There are various crochet slipper patterns which you would want to go in for as a beginner. There are various styles and patterns available for your choice, all  you have  to do is choose and you will be on the road to making the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Crochet Slipper patterns to choose from

The first thing that you would want to look into while making the perfect slipper is the style. There are hundreds from which you may choose. There is the oxford slipper which is rather popular among the young people.

The other kind of slipper which has recently been selling across counters worldwide is the tribal moccasins. This crochet slipper pattern essentially involves the style of a moccasin but involve more bright colors in alternation, giving it a bohemian feel to it. There are many comprehensive images which are available on the net which will give you an idea about how exactly it looks.

The other popular kind of slipper is the bootie. It gives an extremely edgy feel to your entire ensemble and makes sure you attract enough eyeballs towards your legs. These booties come in various quirky colors.

The recent popular colors for crochet slipper patterns even include neon. Imagine making a neon green pair of slippers for your loved ones or for that matter a baby pink pair for your little angel. Hence it will be the best option for you if you go online and check the latest patterns.