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In the pool with a one piece
bathing suit

In the pool with a one piece bathing suit

Most of us love to spend our time in pool or beach as it makes one feel relaxed and peaceful which make the environment as it is only the pool and you. When we go to pool for swimming it is important to take care of the attire we wear and they recommend being on swimsuits. Swimsuits is a clothing designed exclusively for people engaging in water-related activities. Activities like swimming, sunbathing, diving, surfing etc people wear these swimsuits. Swimsuits are otherwise known as a bathing suit, bathing costume, swimming suit and much more

The bathing suits are different types for men, women, and children. Bathing suits are of two pieces and once piece; however, the trend has changed to one piece bathing suit which is worn by women and girls. One piece bathing suit made its presence in the mid of 90’s and at a later stage it came up with different styles and patterns.

One piece bathing suits are gaining much popularity and also taken a place in beaches and pools these days. It is also considered to be modest, fashionable and makes one feel slim, athletic, secure, modest and fabulous when compared to two-piece bathing suits. One piece bathing suits are also mandated in some places like swimming events in schools and at international events.

One piece bathing suits were earlier referred as maillot which is derived from a French word known as “shirt”. It is also known as tank suits. In present days the word maillot is completely taken over and called as one piece bathing suit. The term maillot has become out-dated and not heard to be used in common language or by fashion designers or consumers.

One piece bathing suits come with different pattern and styles to mention a few; high neck one-piece, V-neck strappy back, V neck tank, halter neck, plunge halter neck, scalloped V-neck, cross back, strappy high neck, push up cut out and much more.