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Inspiring Quote Tattoo Ideas

Inspiring Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quote tattoos exude a perfect feminine charm on every part of the body. Quotes from storybooks, songs, poems, films, etc. have great potential to touch the hearts and minds of so many people. You may have a favorite motivational quote or something that touches your heart in a way that is beyond words. Some quotes are personal, so you can get a discreet personal quote tattoo or a bold quote tattoo to express how you believe in the words and want them to be an integral part of your trip. Quotes are a famous choice among those looking for tattoo ideas for couples.

Quote Tattoo Placement Ideas

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to quoting tattoo placement on your body. Small quote tattoos on the fingers are rather unusual, but they look good. The forearm is a popular place for quote tattoos. Collarbone quote tattoos, upper arm quote tattoos, wrist quote tattoos, even feet quote tattoos are pretty popular.

Popular quote tattoos from modern literature

Literature is such an integral part of life! Whether it is the songs that drift towards you and resonate with you, or the poems that touch the ‘frozen oceans’ in you, or the stories that help you escape everyday days and lead your mind to wide horizons, literature is something special. And so many hug it and express it with quote tattoos. Whether you are wearing a quote design of Harry Potter tattoos, little prince tattoos, quote tattoos of fighting clubs, quote tattoos of songs, quote tattoos of EE Cummings, etc. are just a few examples of the types of quote- Tattoos to get inspiration from!