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King Cole Knitting Patterns

King Cole Knitting Patterns

King Cole

King Cole is a popular knitting pattern. It is elegant and stylish in appearance. This pattern gives the clothes a decent and rich look. This is the reason why the King Cole pattern is seen so widely on many clothes. It is prevalent in adults. Men and women wear clothes of this pattern. It is a hit pattern for winter clothes.

Colorful Clothes

You can get many color variations in King Cole pattern. This type of stitch gives a modern feel to the clothes. Due to this reason, the clothes look unique and distinct from all the others. You can try outfits of many colorful designs. There are many types of clothes in this particular knitting pattern.

New Patterns

Apart from colors, you can get many new and wonderful designs. There are comfortable varieties like buttoned, figure-hugging, V-neck and so on. You can pick the one that looks the best on you.