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Latest Bob Haircut Styles

Latest Bob Haircut Styles

Lobs and bobs are really nifty and low maintenance. Bobs are the favorite of celebrities worldwide. Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Jessica Chastain – everyone is in love with this surprising timeless hairstyle. Bob hairstyles are just perfect and classic. Bob Cut doesn’t go out of style! Barbers have experimented with the bob haircut and come up with hairstyle spin-offs like bob bob, asymmetrical bob haircuts, reverse bobs, etc. There are so many variations on the bob haircut, not only because it’s one of the most adorable, low maintenance and chic looks, but also because bob cuts naturally add versatility. Check out our gallery for the latest and trendiest bob hairstyles.

The best bob haircut ideas for fine hair

Bob haircuts are amazing for fine hair. While many women can groom long fine hair, for many others, fine hair and length do not go so well together. Pixie haircuts and bob haircuts are very good for fine straight hair. The cropped length of the bob adds volume to the hair and layered bob hair adds a lot of texture and volume to it.

The trendiest balayage bob haircut

You can find many popular bob haircuts that are balayage. The balayage bob is one of the latest trends and it goes great with all types of bob hairstyles like wavy balayage bob, soft curls, balayage bob haircut, tousled medium bob, piecey layers, blonde balayage bob, etc. The reason for the balayage bob- Hairstyle is so popular that the balayage hair color technique enhances any bob hairstyle.

Try out some casual and some very chic bob hairstyles like messy bobs, shaggy bobs, wavy bobs, side banged bobs and many more awesome bob hairstyles in this collection!