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Latest Curly Hairstyles

Latest Curly Hairstyles

Who doesn’t dream of having a head full of delicate curls? Curly hairstyle was a dream of many women, but you should know that all curly hairstyles are not suitable for all types of faces. You should know which curly hairstyle would complement your unique bone structure. Here is a compilation of the different hairstyles and you should choose the one that suits your face shape. For example, the side-swept curly style or the curly ponytail goes well with round faces, while the textured pixie is suitable for the oval face.

Curly hairstyles According to the shape of the face

  • Oval face:The curly bob is the ideal hairstyle for an oval face. The curls of this hairstyle help frame the oval shape of the face while the sleek side bangs keep the style from appearing boxing.
  • Square face: The billowing curls are best for a square face as the loose waves of this hairstyle soften the edges and features of the square face, while the curls that fall below the jaw add length to the face.
  • Heart face: The side-swept curls look best for this face shape. The curls that gently stroke the forehead narrow the area and create balance. The tendrils on one side reduce the volume of the cheeks so that the face of the heart looks less arrow-shaped.

Best curly hairstyles for 2017-2018

  • Retired style: This chic, withdrawn style shows off a gorgeous lock of hair on your back and is the most appropriate style if you want to draw attention to your off the shoulder chic homecoming dress.
  • Two tone curly style: This two-tone hairstyle gives it an edgy look.
  • Curly Bob Style: This fashionable curly bob hairstyle is great for an elongated face. Bob with curls helps soften the harsh lines of an elongated face. This hairstyle goes well with short party dresses.
  • Cropped Bob Style: Growing out the uneven bob is easy if you take the loose ends and curl them up for a striking triangle effect.
  • Blown Style: This adorable, drawn out style adds voluminous hair to the hair. Express the pizzazz by wearing this hairstyle with your chic sweater dress.

Look like a sorceress in the right curly hairstyle combined with the right clothes and accessories.