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Learn to Cable Knit

Learn to Cable Knit

Knitting has various techniques and one such is Cable Knit. Knitting involves using needles and yarns. The special thing about cable knit is that it has a special needle and it helps in making a visual illusion of cables that stand out on fabrics, sweaters etc.


This type of knitting involves textures of layers to be achieved by permuting stitches. For doing this type of knitting you have to use two different styles of cable needles. Stitches that are meant to be crossed from behind gets transferred to a cable needle only to be stored for a while till the stitches that are meant to be in the front are knitted. Then these get transferred back to the original needle to be knitted again.

Knitting with this technique yields a fabric that is less flexible and dense. Cables can be knitted with any type of background knitting. Its purpose is to bring visual intrigue. By learning how to make cables people can make meta-cable patterns as well. You can then knit two or more cables at a given time. Some can even make cables cross over each other completely.

You can increase the number of cabling and perfect this. By doing so learning how to make braid patterns becomes easy. The use of cabling helps make pattern look outstanding. The multi cable effect brings about visual intrigue to people. New patterns and designs of cabling can also be done by perfecting to knit.