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Libra Tattoo Designs

Libra Tattoo Designs

The Libra tattoo designs compiled here either go the technical route or make stunning, intricate designs that are beyond symbolic meaning. All of the Libra tattoo ideas listed here are examples of subtle and effective parts brought to life with the help of crispness and clarity.

For some inspirational Libra tattoos, check out our impressive list now.

Modern and Tribal Libra tattoos

Go for the Illustrative Libra tattoo designs for an extraordinary look like an illustrative depiction of the Themis blindfolded and the calm face, or the Lady of Justice with a small scale. The Libra zodiac sign, or the Libra glyph, consists of a semicircle and a straight line and is popular for symbolizing the scales. For ideas on small Libra tattoos, you can choose the Libra constellation tattoo which in turn is a great symbol of the traits and personalities of Libran.

Libra’s birth flower is Roses, and the Rose Libra tattoo on your wrist is something you can choose to channel your love and passion. For another great Libra tattoo idea, opt for the Libra ruling planet Venus tattoo which is great for the good aesthetic of life.

Incredible Libra tattoo designs

  • The Libra Goddess Tattoo with the Neon Libra symbol on the forehead is known for its color choice and saturation.
  • If you are looking for amazing tattoo patterns, consider a geometric libra tattoo with a sign symbol on your arm.
  • Show your love for the zodiac sign with a delicately pretty watercolor tattoo just above your ankle.
  • Go for the meaningful spine tattoo and opt for a backless top to flaunt the beautiful work of art on your back.

Libra tattoos designs are well worth receiving if you are a born peacemaker and love your zodiac sign. From colored to black and white tattoos, the ideas in our gallery overflow and deserve a look.