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Lovely and Cute Valentine’s Day Nails

Lovely and Cute Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So get ready for your bold Valentine’s Day nails in a monochrome palette, sugary hearts and bold shapes. Why not be different this time? Leave the red hue aside and still flaunt your stylish nail art for the love day. Check out the optimistic and forward-looking nail designs for Valentine’s Day in our gallery. From the coffee nails to the bling, matte, glitter or French tips, we have it all. Leave the passionate, classic red behind and go for a fairly subtle pink and a pale raspberry pink. From chocolates and flowers to the cupid arrow, you can wear anything in your Valentine manicure. When you’re ready to give your nails a twist for the festive season, try the Shellac Valentine Nails. They are available in three pretty colors.

Trendy Valentine’s Day nails passed out

  • Sport your heart on your nails this love season. Try the alternate design for the harlequin queen channeling. It could be the perfect Valentine manicure for long nails.
  • Look for Valentine’s Day by putting emoji kisses on your nails. Try it out in micro printing for a stylish and fashionable look.

Striking nail art for Valentine’s Day Suitable for short nails

  • Give your nails a festive touch with an unconventional buttery yellow shade and a minimalist, trendy design. Complete your nail art with tiny black hearts.
  • Make your nails look festive by painting five different designs on your five nails. Try all of the designs, from polka dots to hearts to stripes.
  • Give your nails a fresh look by adding glossy tape and a dash of pink glitter to baby blue nails.
  • Give your nails a spin with a quick and easy nail art design. Add a dash of gold glitter to your pink French tips for the perfect semi-chic moon design.

Quick and easy ideas for nail art at home

  • Use a light pink as the background for your mani and spell the letters LOVE on your fingernails and add a heart to the thumbnail.
  • Impress your soulmate with an eye-catching nail art design with an alternating X and O on the gel nails.

With these awesome ideas of Valentine’s Day nails, you can totally mesmerize your heartbreaker and let them go over your artistic stiletto nails. When you’re tired of the regular red nails, explore the gallery full of non-red nail manicures.