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Making a Crochet Blanket

Making a Crochet Blanket

Crochet is a style of knitting or making loops to form patterns. These patterns when completed form a piece of cloth. Fashion and style has given a rise in demand for Crochet blouses, tops and even blankets. Crochet Blankets have been a thing of every household item. They were used as covers over rocking chairs, sofas, blankets for infants etc. This beautiful piece of cloth can be made with almost any type of yarn. It all depends on the purpose for which it has been made.

Blankets from Crochet

That very warm piece of cloth that keeps you warm every winter night is called a blanket. A blanket can be made by using many different type of material. This means that a blanket can also be made by Crochet.

To make a blanket you should first select the yarn. Wool can also be used as special hooks are available to crochet with it. The bigger the hook the bigger the stitch and this means the blanket that will be made this way will be very lightweight.

By using the same stitch pattern of making loops and pulling it through the other chains are made. You can then add on to this and make rows. Once the desired length and breadth of the blanket is made the piece of cloth is ready to be used.

You can also use patterns to make a blanket. This will take a lot more time but the end result will have a much more beautiful appeal making it look like a delicate Crochet Blanket.