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Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Mermaid Halloween Costumes

If you want to dress up as a mermaid this Halloween, you already know that there will be several others out there doing the same. If you are looking to find different Halloween costumes for mermaids we have great ideas for you. Try out these different Mermaid Halloween looks and be the unique fish in the sea.

The classic mermaid Halloween costume

This is a classic outfit with seashells and a tail. Wear a top with seashells in your chest area. Make a tail out of blue sequin fabric and sew it in a way that is comfortable for you. Glue some seashells between the top and the hem of your tail to make the dress more natural. Make up with lots of glitter and keep your face bright and colorful.

Mermaid costume for children

Have your child wear a natural colored leotard and place a purple top over the chest area. You can design the tail with a brightly colored fabric that is easy to wear. Have her wear the same colored leggings as the tail and tie the tail around her belly. This way they can move around and wear the costume very comfortably.

Mermaid makeup

For the mermaid makeup, you will need a lot of glitter of different colors and a headband. Design the headband with seashells to make it look authentic. With the help of a fish net, pour the glitter on different areas of your face to make it look like fish scales.