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Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

Can’t figure out what makeup to wear for Halloween? How about a dreamy mermaid look? Here are some upbeat ideas for mermaid makeup for Halloween. All you need to achieve the perfect mermaid look is a few pigmented products and, of course, a generous dash of glitter. Try using a purple shimmery eyeshadow on your eyebrows and eyelids, and use a blue eyeliner for your lipstick. For a soggy look, add pastel tones to your locks with multi-colored hairsprays. Check out our easy Halloween makeup ideas here to show off that mesmerizing mermaid look in no time.

Best mermaid makeup ideas

  • Instead of the usual green and blue shimmering mermaid colors, go two steps up and rock a trendy mermaid look with crazy grape lips and smoky eyes. Go through the mermaid and create tutorials for a kickass mermaid look.
  • For that extra oomph, add flat beads along your eyebrow bone.

Tips for Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

  • Do without the scales and create a sensual half-mermaid atmosphere with a wonderful mix of blue eye shadow around the face and neck of the ears. Complete your look with boho earrings.
  • Give your mermaid make-up a realistic touch with a sparkling make-up with water droplets in the inner corner of the eye. Complete the look with an orange and blue eyeshadow.

Mermaid makeup with scales

  • For a pretty mermaid look, the scales are a must. Apply three colors of eyeshadow and complete the mermaid look with a chic mesh wig cap. Having a chic eyebrow piercing is an added perk for achieving a gorgeous look.
  • Wear fishnet stockings for flaky skin. Apply a whole leg to the face. Use a dome-shaped, tightly wrapped brush to apply your pigments effectively.
  • Extend the mermaid’s scaly effect down to your collarbone or your shoulders.
  • Don’t limit the mesmerizing scaly look to the eyes, bring it to the cheeks as well. Use a two-tone shade to create the stunning effect. Complete your look with sparkling nail art and chic leaf earrings.

With this breathtaking mermaid make-up for Halloween you will look like a sorceress of the water kingdom. divide