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Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mythical, legendary and beautiful mermaids have remained as one of the most fascinating characters in history. There are so many myths and stories surrounding the Lady of the Ocean. With the upper half as the body of a mature beautiful woman and the lower half as a large fish tail, mermaids are incomparably graceful and seductive. While some attribute dangerous properties to the mermaid, others believe that she is related to the goddesses of love and fertility.

The symbolism of the mermaid tattoo

Each tattoo is unique and has a personal meaning. Mermaids were known to bring destruction from sea storms and floods. A mermaid tattoo expresses love for the ocean, our original habitat. Mermaids also symbolize femininity, fertility and love. A creative mermaid tattoo with peacock feathers can look even more feminine. It is believed that mermaids were the singers of the sea. If you love music and the calm / stormy oceans a mermaid tattoo is for you.

Trendy Mermaid Tattoo Designs

A fullback tattoo by a talented artist is a wonderful work of art. A goddess mermaid tattoo or an intricate underwater scene with a mermaid and other details are great for back tattoos. Other popular body parts for mermaid tattoos are the calf, waist, and shoulder. Finger mermaid tattoos and thigh mermaid tattoos are pretty cool!