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Mind-Blowing Shoulder Tattoos

Mind-Blowing Shoulder Tattoos

Fancy a tattoo on your shoulder? Although the popular tattoo areas are the belly, ankle, back, or wrist, the shoulder area cannot be ignored. Women love artistic tattoo designs on visible parts. Flaunting the tattoo in spaghetti dresses or off shoulder dresses is one of the latest tattoo trends. Check out some artistic shoulder tattoo designs that are sure to impress you. You can choose any design, from geometric shapes, flowers, waves, hearts to celestial objects, birds and even numbers that show off either on the front or on the shoulder blade on your shoulder.

Unique shoulder tattoo ideas for women

  • Happy Rose: Rose design shoulder tattoo for girls is an ideal choice for those who seek attention.
  • Maltese: Get a Maltese back shoulder that features a cute dog peeking over a U-shaped wreath.
  • Geometric sharks: Another unique idea is a geometric tattoo of two sharks or fish in gray or black ink. The sharks’ bodies have geometric shapes and are shaded with different line intensities, creating a breathtaking yin-yang
  • Waves: The tattoo with waves allows you to flaunt the great three dimensional effect and give the viewers a glimpse of your personality.
  • Peppy flowers in a row: You can have a tiny tattoo of four different colored flowers etched in a line. The detailing and small size are important in making the tattoo unique.
  • Mandala design: You can paint a fascinating mandala art on your shoulders. These look ethereally beautiful and are popular too.
  • Beautiful butterfly: What better way to show your shoulder than showcasing a dazzlingly beautiful butterfly tattoo? This is the best type of tattoo to add shine to your style that you rightly deserve.

Simple shoulder tattoo Designs you can’t wait to own

  • Minimalist heart: The simple heart shaped tattoo on the shoulder is a symmetrically perfect design that will add grace to your body. Etch it so it fits snugly with the saying “wear a heart on your sleeve” (pun intended).
  • Crossed flowers: Crossed Flows is a simple yet elegant tattoo design that is sure to win hearts.
  • Bird tattoo:: The small bird tattoo with raven or hummingbird looks incredible due to its small size with elaborate details.

Wear yourself in style with these stunningly beautiful shoulder tattoo designs. Browse through excellent designs that best suit your wishes and current trends!