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More About Super Bulky Yarn

More About Super Bulky Yarn

Yarn Weights

Yarns are bought on the basis of their weight. Since warns are very light in weight, there are different weight units for their measurement. These measurement units include bulky, super bulky and so on. The yarns with different weights are used for different reasons.

Super Bulky

Super bulky is a unit used for buying a considerable amount of yarn. They are high in quantity and are used for making things like clothing like sweaters. This yarn is broad and has a heavy feel to it. Comparatively, the other yarn types are lighter and have an intricate design. Super bulky yarn is sufficient for knitting big clothing items.

More About Super Bulky Yarn

Super bulky yarn has a big ball of yarn, which is plain in color. You can buy many different varieties of this yarn and make some beautiful clothes from it. People buying this yarn type are interested in knitting and making beautiful sweaters.