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Nail Art Designs For Short  Nails

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Don’t worry if you have short nails. Nail art can be done on any canvas, small or large. Here is a wonderful compilation of nail art designs for short nails. Brittle nails should be kept short for proper maintenance. Get a wonderful collection of short nail art designs here. Check out our image gallery for nail art ideas for very short nails. From half moon glitter to triangle nails to ombre nails and colorful stripes, you can find an amazing collection of short nail designs here on our blog. Check out our manicure ideas for short nails here. Check out stunning gorgeous black nail art designs here.

Innovative nail art designs for short nails

  • Paint Splatter Nail Design: Create an attention grabbing “splash of color” nail design by painting the nails white and spraying different colors on them. Get a fascinating effect with multiple colors.
  • Peek-A-Boo Monochrome Nail Art: Flaunt a stylish mani in black and white. Paint your nails white and do the curved half moon design. Fill in the remaining part of the nails with a black polish. Finish it off with the top coat.

Easy to do nail art designs at home

  • Ombre nail designs: Apply a pale pink nail polish as a primer to achieve the perfect ombre nail design. Apply the colors in gradation from purple to blue and dab the nails down to create the ombre effect. Remove the excess varnish from your fingers and finish off the nail mani with a glitter top coat.
  • Pink autumnal nail design: To create the autumn nail mani, apply a primer with pastel pink nail polish. On the ring finger, create half a sheet with a strip of nails dipped in black varnish. Create the other half of the sheet with white polish. Add glitter where the white and black lines meet. Use polka dots or stripes of the same color on the remaining nails.

Look fashionable this festive season with these amazing nail art designs for short nails.