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Nature Tattoo Ideas

Nature Tattoo Ideas

Those times have shown us how important it is to protect our environment, and more and more people are choosing to stand up for nature. No wonder nature tattoos are very popular now. Different nature tattoo ideas show a part of our personality that is close to nature and sometimes defines our personal style. For example, geometric nature tattoos represent the hidden patterns of nature and also show our connection with them. They are minimalist yet sacred because of the deep meaning they hold.

Trendy Nature Tattoo Ideas for the Environmental Warrior

Nature tattoo designs are inspired by our surroundings like mountains, oceans, trees, wildlife, forests and outer space. With these elements, artists create really wonderful images that tattoo lovers proudly wear as a sign of connection. A full length apple blossom covering parts of your back and shoulders can look calm, yet stunning. The most common flower tattoos include hibiscus, lotus, lavender, rose, poppy, and sunflower. Each flower has a special message and a special meaning for the wearer. There are also nature tattoos for couples on knuckles, fingers and wrists like infinity with quotes, ying yang, sun and moon tattoos, etc.

Symbolic nature tattoos with meaning for lovers of minimalist tattoos

  • The upside-down triangle represents the femininity within, while continued curved lines represent energy.
  • Fire and water triangles represent the balance in nature.
  • The wolf means connection to the moon and strength.
  • Moon phases on the wrist or forearm mark the changing phases of life.
  • Skull tattoos represent the transformative nature of life.
  • Celtic symbols of the elements nature – air, water, fire, and earth – are very popular minimalist designs.
  • A single evergreen tree on a finger represents the power to stand tall and have deep roots.
  • Waves in a circle represent the changing tides of life and the healing power of water.

You can find more nature tattoo ideas in the gallery below.