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Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

Owl tattoos symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Owls are considered to be mysterious and magical birds that stay awake at night when all other bird species are sleeping. This behavior makes them strange and mysterious. There are quite a few designs for the owl tattoos such as modern, traditional, classic, hipster, new school, illuminati, quirky, vector, xam, xoil, vintage, zombie and more.

The owl tattoos used to be applied to the body as a symbol of vision, independence, wisdom, knowledge or protection, but now it is a sign of fashion. You can have the designs inked on any part of your body such as: B. on your sleeve, arm, chest, back, leg, behind your neck, etc.

What is the symbolic meaning of owl tattoos?

Owl tattoos mean intelligence, education, and wisdom. The origin of this type of tattoo can be traced back to Egyptian culture, when owls were viewed as guardians of the mysterious underworld and revered for sacred knowledge and protection.

There are quite a number of meanings associated with the beautiful owl tattoo design. It symbolizes mystery, transition, secrecy, experience, rarity, etc. Since an owl is viewed as enigmatic and evasive, the owl’s tattoo has a certain charm and a mesmerizing beauty that entices women to ink it on their bodies.

Inspirational Girly Simple Owl Tattoos Designs

  • Matching Owl Tattoo Designs: It’s a good idea to have a pair of black ink owl tattoos on both feet. This is the best choice if you are looking for couple tattoos or sibling tattoos.
  • Small owl tattoos on forearm: Show off your cute owl tattoo design on your forearm in the loving memory of someone close to your heart.
  • Striking tattoo design on the neck: One of the best places to flaunt a tattoo design is on the neck. Aside from the owl, you can even flaunt a stylish little bird tattoo on your neck.