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Peacock Tattoo Designs

Peacock Tattoo Designs

Peacock tattoo designs are trendy and look charming. Spice up your personality by wearing a cool peacock tattoo on the shoulder cap, neck and ankle. We bring a rare collection of skull peacock tattoo designs, traditionally American Peacock tattoo Patterns or peacock shoulder tattoos for men as well as women who are in love with this beautiful bird. The peacock is the courting male peacock that displays its colorful plumage in hopes of attracting and seducing a mate. As a result, the peacock tattoo is closely associated with pride, self-confidence, seduction, etc. While the peacock is a male bird, most women wear peacock tattoos on their bodies.

Peacock Tattoo Patterns: In Hindu Mythology and on the Female Body

A peacock tattoo for the back or a peacock vent tattoo is extremely seductive and women often don’t focus on the “vanity” and “cockiness” associated with peacocks, but rather on grace, expression of inner and outer beauty, self-confidence and charm. Peacock with Ganesha tattoo for those who believe in Hindu religion can mean luck and strength, confidence and grace when faced with obstacles. Peacock with Krishna tattoo and peacock tattoo pattern in honor of Hindu goddess Lakshmi are also popular designs among Hindus.

Explore the wide range of peacock tattoo designs

Whether you want to go for a cute little peacock tattoo for the wrist, a flying peacock tattoo for the entire back to the thighs, a full body peacock tattoo or other intricately crafted peacock tattoo ideas, BeautyandU offers you a collection of amazing tattoos with the peacock as the primary element. Our gallery contains ideas like this and more:

  • Cartoon peacock tattoo
  • Geometric peacock tattoo designs
  • Peacock feather finger tattoo
  • Peacock feather tattoo in rainbow colors
  • Vintage peacock tattoo
  • 3D peacock tattoo
  • Tribal peacock tattoo
  • Infinity peacock tattoo

Peacock tattoo designs such as a phoenix tattoo and a peacock tattoo with a lotus flower are exquisitely feminine and symbolize rebirth and regeneration. Show off your inked peacock plumage in your unique style.