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Pink bikini : Beauty at it’s

Pink bikini : Beauty at it’s Best

Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes if wearing the right bikini i.e., color, shape, size etc. according to the occasion will only add up the beauty of your overall look. As myriad color options available these days in bikinis but pink being a true girly girl’s favorite color has its own spacial place in women’s heart. Every woman want to feel sexy and beautiful not only at a beach but at home also with someone who is very special to them.

The bikini (a women’s two-piece swimsuit with a bra top and underwear) is one of the basic underwear patterns, or as Victoria’s Secret says “the under thing for everything.”

Some studies even suggest that we feel colors more than we see them. Australia’s leading colour-response analyst said “Every color vibrates, all at different levels. It doesn’t matter if you can see them or not, it goes through your skin, over your whole body, and into your brain.”

A psychologist claimed that the color of a woman’s bikinis, can also tell you what sort of lover she is, Pink bikini indicates someone who is feminine and sensuous, gentle, and in need of affection. They are more of a romantic type and take care of others as compared to other colors. Pink color associated with romance and happiness, it reflects calm and sexy nature and because it is associated with romantic nature, pink is one of the best choices while choosing your bikini.

A pink bikini depicts a personality that is romantic and gentle. Women in pink bikini feel sensuous and sexy and feel confident enough to showcase their curves. So, a pink bikini is a must have wardrobe item every woman should have. Fashion is a start and the end for all the upcoming trend so go for the best.