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Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

If you’re wondering which plus size Halloween costumes will fit your character, check out our gallery of oversized Halloween costume ideas. You don’t need an hourglass figure to flaunt your Halloween costume. You can find lots of cheap homemade plus size costume ideas for Halloween here. From Jessica Rabbit to Mermaid, despite being overweight, you can easily dress up in the fictional character. You can even dress up like real characters like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus by wearing 3X and 5X plus costumes.

Popular women’s plus size Halloween costumes

  • Mermaid Costumes: One of the best plus size Halloween costumes for women is that of the mermaid. It has a metallic figure-hugging mermaid tail and a busty top. It’s an ideal costume for oversized women that can help them flaunt their curves. Complete the attire with Star Fish accessories and a seductive red wig.
  • Princess Fiona: Inspired by the film Shrek, the character of Princess Fiona has become popular worldwide. Dress up as your favorite animated character by wearing light green tights if you hate wearing body paint.

Last minute plus-size Halloween costumes

  • Miley Cyrus: Dress up as your favorite American songwriter, singer, and actress Miley Cyrus. The trick of dressing up like her is to wear all kinds of versatile fashion. The best part about her is that she flaunts a careless look and doesn’t bother to look presentable.
  • Cookie Lyon: How about dressing up like an American drama, Empire on Fox’x fictional character Cookie Lyon? The only thing to think about when dressing up like her is that you have to wear something luxurious like silk or a fur coat. Recreate your “tapered” leopard print look by wearing a leopard print dress, leopard print faux fur coat, and pumps.