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Popular Small Tattoo Ideas

Popular Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoos are amazing! You can be cute and attractive at the same time. It’s also amazing how much small tattoos can express! Many tattoo artists generally recommend that beginners get a small tattoo – a bit like testing the water. Of course, small tattoos are not only reserved for newbies. Even if you have multiple tattoo artwork on your body and want to decide on a different tattoo, you will be amazed at how many small tattoo options you can find. First, explore this gallery if you are unsure about the design or location of your tattoo!

Best places to get inked with small tattoos

Tattoos are pretty personal. If you want a tattoo that is discreet yet bold, small tattoos are the way to go! Small wrist tattoos are very popular.

There are so many wrist tattoo designs that you can get inked on your wrist. Floral wrist tattoos, quote wrist tattoos, and symbol wrist tattoos are all good options. Small neck tattoos look incredibly beautiful too. Small tattoos on the back of the ear, small tattoos for the ankles, tiny foot tattoos, and finger tattoos are all nice options if you want to get a small tattoo on yourself.

Popular small tattoos

Small bird tattoos, small flower tattoos, and small word tattoos are very popular options for wrists. You can also opt for small bohemian tattoos with small mandala tattoos or small dream catcher tattoos. The infinity symbol tattoo, heart sign finger tattoos, tiny crown tattoo, butterfly tattoos, etc., the possibilities with popular and quite whimsical small tattoos are pretty endless.

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