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Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom event is almost here and you haven’t decided on your outfit and what make-up? Check out our new rundown of Prom Makeup Ideas here. It is a special event for American teenagers. For the semi-formal promenade dance, students gather and work hard to do their best. Check out our gallery of pictures and tutorials to find out what makeup to wear with a purple, black, blue, light pink or red dress and how to go about it. The wonderful make-up ideas for the promenade dance are not only beautiful, but also quite easy to implement.

Awesome prom makeup ideas based on the dress

  • Long Red Dress with Cat Eye Makeup: Complete your long satin red dress with a head collar necklace, gold earrings and dramatic eye makeup. Cover the top of your eyelids with taupe eyeshadow and finish off with a black eyeliner by drawing the strip of cat’s eye. Complete your facial makeup with a dash of pink blush and berry blotch. More ideas for prom dresses
  • Cut out black dress with smoky eyes: Play up the look of your black dress by pairing it with makeup for smoky eyes and neutral lips. Create the sensual makeup for smoky eyes with a black cream liner and complete your look with a dash of coral red and tan lipstick.

Stunning prom makeup ideas that you would die to try

  • Pink lips with glittering purple eyes: Create dramatic face makeup by combining purple and pink. Pink makeup gives the appearance the right feminine charm and can be combined with either a purple dress or a light pink dress.
  • Natural lips with Blue Smoky Sensuous Eyes: Pop your eyes with a bold blue eyeshadow and bare lips. The idea is to keep the rest of the palette neutral to draw attention to the eyes.