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Purple Hair Color Ideas

Purple Hair Color Ideas

Add dimension to your hairstyle with purple hair color ideas. Purple, lavender, lilac, or purple are excellent hair colors that can noticeably spice up your look. Although purple hair color looks fascinating, it does require some maintenance. The hair color of purple and lavender fades quickly, so it needs to be visited in the salon often. From dark purple hair colors to purple ombre hair colors and styling ideas, we have a good range of ideas. Before you take the purple plunge, you need to remember that if your hair is dark it will need to be bleached several times to get that lovely vibrant purple or pale lavender color. Check out the purple hair dye inspiration ideas here. You can even look up fabulous purple ombre hair color ideas here.

How to choose purple hair tones

The trick in choosing the right hair shade is based on the color of your skin. For example, for women with olive or yellow skin, magenta or lilac colors would look good. Those with pink skin would look fabulous in deep purple or pastel hues of lavender hair.

Styling tips for purple hair color

  • To make your outfit pop, choose yellow as it is the opposite of purple in the color wheel.
  • You can’t mix and match your lavender or dark purple hair color with red or orange, but turquoise or green accessories, if any, can do a good job of balancing out the effect.

Fascinating purple hair color ideas

  • Purple mist: The fantastic hair color starts with dark gray and turns into impressive smoky lavender and vibrant purple tips. The shade is ideal for women with neutral pink skin.
  • Retro purple curls: Bring back the 40s with the retro purple sensual curls. The hair color would give your look a certain radiance. For low maintenance, keep the hair roots dark.
  • Purple Ombre Double Braid: Dark black ombre with the lavender hair tone is fabulous. It’s a mix of Dutch and side parting fishtail braids that are visually appealing.