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Rainbow Bangs Hairstyles

Rainbow Bangs Hairstyles

Experimenting with different hair color trends is rampant these days. The rainbow bang hairstyle is one such trend that women of all ages are experimenting with. Check out this post for inspiration on creating your colored bangs look. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest pastel rainbow bangs and pony hair so you can find the look that suits you best. You can choose some vibrant hair dyes for your rainbow hair look to make it even more chic and stylish.

Popular rainbow bang hairstyles among celebrities

The beginning of the hairstyle trend with rainbow bangs can be traced back to the colored pony looks of many celebrities. You can find rainbow bang cut ideas from different celebrity hairstyles and looks. The hair color looks great on short bangs or even fringe hair. You can choose the colors that you find most attractive for your rainbow hair look.

Sweeping the social media platforms

The next step that has made the rainbow bang hairstyle a trend is its popularity on social media platforms. You can come across many social media influencers experimenting with the rainbow hair look. These looks can be very helpful for you to come up with ideas for your pastel rainbow pony look.

Try bangs or a fringe

Despite its name, the rainbow bang hairstyle isn’t limited to just cutting rainbow bangs. You can also try the hair color with rainbow fringe hair. Some of the looks also show the variations of rainbow hair with accessories. These highlight the hair color. Plus, you don’t even have to use all of VIBGYOR’s rainbow colors to create the look. Just a couple of base colors seem enough to create an authentic rainbow hair look.

You can come across a variety of rainbow bangs hairstyles in our post gallery. You don’t need professional help either. You can create the look all by yourself at home with some hair dye.